What is a Mama’s Boy?

Being a Mama’s Boy means you know who you are. You live your faith. You know your roots and celebrate them. You look for ways to uplift those around you and support those whom you love. You embody the soul of a powerful warrior and the spirit of a meek child. You are a king, but you’re not overbearing. You are a leader filled with humility. Your beliefs are your driving force. And through all things you love your queen, be she wife, companion, sister or Mama.

Mama’s Boy t-shirts and tanks are faith-based apparel with empowering graphics. We have designed them to act as a reminder to you and encouragement to those around you. Mama’s Boy clothing is perfect for all ages, genders, races, and creeds. Designed for everyone who is eagerly engaged in improving the world around them. When you know who you are, you can help others be themselves, just like Mama. As you see these driving characteristics in yourself, you can share them with those around you. Never questioning or unfailing, you are a Mama’s Boy.

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Mama's Boy Clothing Tee

Our classic Mama's Boy Clothing Co, tee. Made from 100% organic cotton with just the right amount of stretch. It's so soft you'll feel like your being cradled in your mama's arms.